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We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in high quality analysis to drive every aspect of your brand’s marketing – planning, technology & creative content.

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Digital Marketing

It’s faster, bigger and better, but only if it’s done the right way

  • It's a head to heart conversation.

    It's a head to heart conversation.

    In a digital world, customers are already talking to you through their actions, but you need to make sense of it, and craft a plan to act on it, everyday. Smart thinking will help you reach out to the heart of your customer.

    We are your partner in the journey to your customers heart.

  • Find what works and focus on it.

    Find what works and focus on it.

    Digital marketing gives you thousands of things that you can do. That is powerful, but also confusing. We can help manage everything with the right mix of resources, skills, infrastructure and processes.

    We will amplify the right channels to meet your objectives.

  • Analytics is the new creative.

    Analytics is the new creative.

    You are most analytical when you are most creative. It’s like falling in love. What does s/he like? Where does s/he live and work? What is s/he doing now? Has s/he thought about you? What’s s/he looking for right now?

    We will help you learn everything about your customer.

  • Easy to start but tough to master.

    Easy to start but tough to master.

    It’s like those simple games that are easy to play but that get difficult to progress after a few levels. From websites to social media, the easiest part of digital marketing is just to start. Then it gets real tough real fast.

    We can take your brand to the next level in the game.

  • Buy engagement, not space.

    Buy engagement, not space.

    Unlike traditional media, you don’t pay for space in the digital medium. You pay when a potential customer engages. There are several models of advertising in digital marketing. Its powerful & complex.

    We can help you navigate the maze of paid options.


Our business is to make digital sense of your business

Real estate

Lead generation for real estate sales of apartments, villas and land

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E commerce

Blending digital technology, creatives & analytics to drive ecommerce

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Online sales of products in the groceries, food, wellness categories

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Health care

Online and mobile marketing for hospitals, clinics and doctors

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Powering business to business marketing for products and services

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Digital media marketing for diamond and gold jewellery brands

Learn more


Creative digital campaigns for resorts, restaurants and hotels

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Powering enrolment and brand building for educational institutions

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Get the perfect solution tailored to your situation

The Entrant

You want to learn how to do digital marketing for your brand

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The Essayer

You’ve tried to do digital marketing yourself, but want some help

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The Herder

You know Digital marketing, but need a team to execute for you

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The Observer

You want to do better than your competition on digital channels

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The Optimist

You want a better response to expenditure on online advertisements

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The Evangelist

You want to promote your offline events through digital marketing

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The Extender

You want to promote your existing business in the digital media

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The Surfer

You prefer digital marketing as it is more affordable than offline ads

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The Sage

You want a digital marketing partner for your traditional ad agency

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The Launcher

You want to launch your brand only on digital channels

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The Debonair

Your international company/agency wants to outsource digital campaigns

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The Corporate

You’ve left a cushy corporate job to convert your dream idea into reality


The right mix of services to match your objectives

Digital strategy

The best marketing plan for your business, designed by the top experts

Website design

The best combination of website design, web performance and SEO

Content marketing

Top quality content in the form of articles, blogging and social media creatives

Social media marketing

Social media marketing and management on Facebook, Twitter and more

Paid online advertisements

Search and display ads on Google Adwords, Facebook and other ad platforms

Chat support

Custom chat solutions by trained agents with experience in best practices

Search engine optimisation

Search engine marketing to drive google ranking for keywords in your industry

Database research

Marketing databases compiled from the internet, Facebook & Twitter

Email marketing

Email marketing with software, analytics and database management

Mobile app promotion

Mobile marketing from app development to app store optimisation (ASO)

Marketing automation

Use powerful tools like Hubspot and SugarCRM to power online marketing

Creatives & Branding

Branding and creative design for social media, email marketing, ads and websites

Reputation management

Track and manage online brand reputation, reviews and social media chatter

Event marketing

Conference and event marketing to increase bookings, participation & PR buzz

Digital media buying

Media buying and ad management on third party forums & websites

Case Studies

Email at hi(at) to get indepth case studies

Biggest Indian social media community (200 000+ members) comprising of Indian employees of Fortune 50 companies

The most expensive residential real estate portfolio in Bangalore, India with total inventory worth 1 billion USD

Ecommerce in FMCG space for a brand ranked as the 15th most trusted brand in India in the personal care category

Ecommerce website for certified diamond jewelry with 10000+ SKU’s and a custom jewelry designing application

Award winning boutique hotel with a heritage of 110 years and a client base consisting of tourists and Indian diaspora

Political campaign and social media page for an iconic sportsperson who captained India in a national level sports category

Plug and play serviced offices space provider in Bangalore, now acquired by the biggest serviced offices brand in the world

A healthcare software product portal servicing 4000 registered doctors and having over 50 000 pages driving visits through SEO

Yearly pan city cycling event for a metro of 10 million people, integrating OOH, Digital marketing, and real time event coverage

Chain of star rated business hotels with hundreds of rooms in 3 cities and a 50 year track record in hospitality services

Conference marketing for events with 3000+ delegates, including event management, online bookings and SMS notifications

An online photo editing application that had a million users across the world and covered by major publications including BBC