The thought. And the action.

It’s about anticipating and preparing.

And about learning and iteration.

It’s also what we do.

A bad day can be a great story. A passing comment can be a great idea. A failed campaign can be a great lesson.

Today’s argument can be tomorrow’s answer.

With today’s digital medium, you have much more to analyse. To make sense of. To prioritize.

Digital is faster, bigger and absolutely better.

We believe a digital agency should combine urgency of action and the stillness of thought. With a greater focus on the small details that make the big impact.

A constant evaluation of what matters and what doesn’t. An openness to criticism mixed with the doggedness of belief.

And above all, honesty, humbleness and a conscience.

It is not about claims of changing the world, but helping our clients adapt to a world that is changing fast.

Welcome to Analyse. The thought. And the action.

The team at Analyse Digital brings together experience from some of the biggest brands in India from the radio, telecom and media domains.

The agency differentiates itself by taking a data driven approach to digital marketing, constantly learning from the campaign data, market research and client inputs to optimize marketing strategy.

An early start in the digital marketing space (since 2007) has allowed the company to build robust inhouse capabilities.

Analyse Digital works out of a 200 seater, 10,000 sqft facility with dedicated spaces for individual outsourcing clients.

The office is situated in a technology park with a talent pool of 60,000, including from two of the top three biggest outsourcing companies in India.

Analyse Digital has offices in Bangalore, Trivandrum and Kochi in India – where international airports provide connectivity to US, Australia, UK and EU.

Analyse Digital’s reviews have been positive, which is reflected in long term client retention. Multiple customers have worked with the agency for over 10 years, and most clients above 5 years.

Digital campaigns by the agency have generated tens of millions of visits to the clients’ websites, multi million followers on social media and more than a million leads.

The agency provides technology support, CRM, search engine optimization (SEO), digital strategy, creative design, web and product development, advertisement campaigns (PPC, Display, App), social media marketing (SMM), reputation management (ORM) and email marketing.

The client portfolio includes  private banks, publicly listed residential real estate companies, commercial real estate players, startups from Silicon valley, telemedicine platforms, automotive dealership groups, non banking financial companies, broadband providers, FMCG products and multi city hospitality and healthcare chains.

The agency has robust processes to maintain client confidentiality and data security enabled by a dedicated in-house finance and systems IT team.

Analyse Digital has experience working in multi language, multi geography programs, with previous experience in digital marketing in over 11 countries and 7 languages.

Tools like JIRA, Slack, Trello, Asana and Basecamp enable remote project management and digital marketing outsourcing across geographies and time zones.

The agency uses platforms like Zoho, Hubspot, Zendesk, MailChimp, Zapier and Salesforce to drive integrated digital marketing programs.

Analyse has inhouse designers, programmers, account managers, systems and IT specialists, advertisement specialists, content writers, email marketing specialists and social media managers adding upto a team of 70 (as of 2019).

The company is part of a 25 year old technology group which has ongoing experience in the European, UK and US markets.

Analyse Digital envisions data driven digital transformation to improve commercial and social outcomes.

Key aspects of our approach –

ITERATION : We iterate campaigns to improve marketing outcome.

DOMAIN: We service clients from different domains to accrue knowledge.

ANALYSIS : We apply an analytical approach for decision making.

IMPACT: We focus on impact to measure success.

PRIVACY : We value privacy in a data driven world.

OUTCOME : We can drive visibility, branding and lead generation.

RELATIONSHIPS : We maintain relationships to deliver long term outcomes.

INTEGRATION : We integrate lead generation and lead management.

SCOPE : We earn goodwill by going reasonably beyond the scope of work.

CUSTOMIZATION : We customize account management to client culture.