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You want a digital marketing partner for your traditional ad agency

Support your agency’s traditional marketing activities with the right digital channels, by partnering with us. Traditional marketing channels are undergoing an upheaval with the advent of digital marketing, and the key lies in adapting the creativity of your agency’s work for a digital future.

As a traditional agency, your clients already trust you. Now you can reward their trust by multiplying the impact of your ideas by using the digital medium. Your hoarding campaigns can now live on as Facebook updates. Your snappy ad copy can now be used for a search ad campaign, the PR release can now also be distributed on the digital domain and the brochure content can now be used to create blog postings for search engine optimization.

The clients that Analyse digital services, also have significant offline spends in advertisement, ranging from TV and Print to OOH campaigns. We work really well with their existing agencies to get the most impact out of the offline campaigns by adapting them to the online channels. We can easily support your agency digitally by ensuring that our digital activities dovetail with your activities to get the best impact for your client.

The budgeting of digital spends can be done in harmony with the offline spends so that your media buying kitty remains intact while you can also boast of better results with an integrated campaign that involves digital channels.

By working with us, your agency can keep upto date with the fast changing digital world, without having to invest money in training, acquisition or in house teams that may not be a good fit with your business model. The digital marketing industry has a broad range of skills and manpower requirements that are unwieldy for a traditional agency to manage. By partnering with us you can get all the impact and avoid the investment needed to go digital.

Digital channels can also be used to track the intangible results of your offline campaigns, like brand recognition, recall, increased engagement and visibility. This can be done through specific digital metrics that track the cascading impact of the offline campaigns onto the digital world.

  • We can adapt your offline campaigns for digital channels
  • We already have experience working with our client’s traditional agencies
  • A small percentage of your media budget can be used to exponentially increase the impact of your campaigns
  • Using digital metrics, you can track intangible benefits of your offline campaigns for your clients

Partner with us to support your creative ad agency with a digital partner that can complete the services that you provide to your clients. Our creative agency has its offices in Bangalore and Trivandrum, and work with clients across major metros including those outside Bangalore.