Becoming a Google Ad Partner

It is a good feeling to be trusted by arguably the most powerful company in the world – Google.

Google has given Analyse Digital the honor of being part of the partner program, where Google selects Digital marketing companies and online marketing agencies that meet certain criteria related to size of monthly ad spend and quality of the managed accounts.

Since we work out of Kerala(Technopark, Trivandrum) and Bangalore, curiosity led us to take a quick look at how many agencies, companies or individuals have earned the Google Ad partner badge – a quick look revealed less than 25 companies in total, from these locations.

This means that across an area with 45-50 million consumers and literally thousands of companies that can benefit from Digital marketing, there are hardly a couple of dozen agencies that meet the criteria, one of which is Analyse Digital.

Of course, an agency can service any customer across the world(and we do), but the catchement area of local customers itself is so significant in this case – an exciting opportunity for us.

Bangalore being the IT hub of India, will (along with Hyderabad) get the bulk of attention from companies looking to outsource their digital marketing to India from across the world, primarily from Europe, the UK and the United States.

Being one amongst a couple of dozen companies accredited helps us to assure potential clients about our ability and trustworthiness. This is a very helpful initiative by Google to help digital agencies to grow their business.

Will sign off in Google’s own words – from their Google partners website


We would like to thank Google for having us in the partner program, and for encouraging us to use its powerful tools to drive online advertisements through the Adwords channel to bring more business to our customers.

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