The Extender

You want to promote your existing business in the digital media

We love working with established companies looking to embrace digital marketing for brand building, because these businesses already have a clear customer profile and marketing vision, and the impact of digital can be felt faster for a business that already has a momentum in the market. The established company also likely has atleast a few offline channels that are driving sales, which can immediately benefit from digital marketing. Creatives that are done for offline marketing can be adapted for digital marketing, helping in cutting short the time line to launching a creative.

Digital marketing can act like a multiplier for the popularity or sales currently enjoyed by your brand. At the same time, it can protect your brand from losing business to competitors or third party broker aggregators who may capture potential customers who are trying to connect with you online.

The most important question for an established business is why it needs to get into digital marketing if it is already enjoying sales and profits. The answer is that with a fraction of the money that your business spends for offline promotion, you can get a big jump in the visibility and reach amongst your potential customers.

  • Winning over your offline team to participate in online.
  • Winning over budgets to deploy.
  • Implementing a process to improve the offline process through better measurement.
  • Utilizing the existing customer base and lead database.
  • Measuring the impact of offline campaigns online.
  • Protecting your lead generation activities from poaching.
  • Managing reputation.
  • Tracking competition in a mature market.
  • Changing brand positioning that may have existed in the market for a while.
  • Extending the life of offline campaigns, like TV ads , to YouTube
  • Using digital data to drive decision making for offline – based on customer behavior like response to creatives
  • Targeting a narrower profile than load and blast campaigns
  • Measuring the response for potentially new markets/demographics/products to quickly decide on the direction

We can take care of your brand building requirements for the digital media, customize the brand experience, and continuously manage it to keep it fresh and updated.