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Your international agency wants to outsource digital campaigns

Outsourcing your digital marketing activities to another company is a big decision. The quality and outcome expectations of your agency and your clients have to absolutely match with the people who will be remotely managing your projects. Unlike technical projects, the outcome can vary and perspective is very important. We can play a great supporting role as an outsourced partner to your agency or company.

One of the big questions that an agency will have while evaluating an outsourcing partner, is the capacity of the partner in supporting the workload, in terms of resources, infrastructure and skill sets. Analyse has been in operation for half a decade in the digital marketing space, and we have the infrastructure, resources and up-to-date skill sets to support your requirements. As an established, stable company with sufficient capacity to support a large team, we can quick adapt or configure teams to fit your needs.

We also have a separate finance, legal and systems infrastructure team. Often, understaffed or smaller agencies can slip up on basics like finances and billing or proper agreements. Our infrastructure is also located in the biggest Techpark in India , and enjoys high grade power, internet and security continuity. Visiting us is not a problem, since the international airport is just 10 kilometers away. Our branch is situated in the CBD of Bangalore, which is one of the fastest growing IT destinations in the world.

The team at Analyse are managed by a leadership team that have spend 5-10 years each at the group company and ensure continuity of management. The techpark has over 50 000 software employees and acquisition of talent is not a problem. Additionally, the team has worked with technology or mobility companies like Nokia, Siemens, BenQ, Qualcomm, Samsung and several product companies as part of the technology division of the group. We are highly sensitive to the integrity of data and intellectual property.

      • Established company with proper financial, legal and infrastructure support
      • Extensive experience with companies in the US, Europe and India
      • Stable and long term leadership team
      • Situated in a skill –rich tech park that is one of the biggest in India
      • Office is just 10 kilometers from international airport.
      • Branch is situated in the heart of the CBD in Bangalore, the IT capital of India.
      • Supported by an engineering division with hard core expertise in cloud, automation, product development and mobility.

We are the best solution if you are looking to outsource your agency’s digital marketing work to a competent and reliable company in India.