The Herder

You know digital marketing, but need a team to execute for you

We have the team to execute your vision. We love working with people who have a clear idea of the digital aspects of their brand, and are just looking to hire a team to do it for them. It’s great for us as there is so much learning involved.

Our growing team is based out of the biggest IT park in India and India’s IT city – Bangalore. Having built our own team for over half a decade, we can move quickly to put together the team that you require. We can do resourcing from the market, or provide ready made specialists who are already in the organization.

To start with, you can work with our specialists so the execution of your vision can start from day one. This will help us calibrate your actual requirements for which a team needs to be built.

You maybe a capable digital leader in an organization who does not have the team to back you. Or the in-house legacy team maybe moving too slow for your comfort. It maybe too expensive to acquire a team just for your own organization. You may be driving the digital transformation in your organization but you may not have enough backing to go all out with a team of your own. Analyse has seen clients who have faced these challenges and gone on to deliver by partnering with our team. We have been able to support these leaders in overcoming resistance to change in their own organizations. The day- to- day coordination challenges that sometimes hamper even the best initiatives is a breeze for us.

Working with us is the best way for you to validate the digital vision for your organization, because we have all digital marketing services in-house. You just have to deal with just one agency for all your work. This means you can focus on the vision, and we can focus on the execution. Now here is the plan!

  • Work with us to calibrate your actual requirements before you build a team.
  • Ramp up or down easily than being saddled with a large and expensive team.
  • Get a sounding board for your ideas.
  • Pick your favorite digital channels to start with and add on other channels as you go.
  • Get everything you need, from one single agency.

Get in touch with us for all your digital marketing resourcing needs. We can take care of the hiring and planning for building your team.