The Essayer

You’ve tried to do digital marketing yourself, but want some help

You are our favorite kind. It is this hands-on approach, and readiness that can get you going. It is this spirit that lets businesses to grow beyond their comfort zone.

But sometimes digital marketing can get a bit overwhelming. We often get connected with very informed and capable founders and leaders within organizations who have tried out digital marketing but experienced challenges or setbacks. They choose us to help them plug the gaps in their understanding or to take up and execute the digital vision they have for their brand.

If you have tried out web marketing yourself, it becomes easier for us to explain concepts that can be quickly tried out for your brand. It also means you will have ideas on which channels work best for your business domain. We can validate your vision and narrow down the activities that need to be done.

Analyse also has a team of specialists who can examine the work that you have done already and suggest improvements or overhauls. We can also take stuff done by other vendors or temporary contractors and turn around half -baked pieces of work.

You can save cost on the effort and work done already, and progress faster on the path of digital success. To simplify things;

  • We can start from where you have stopped.
  • Half finished projects by other vendors can be taken up and completed.
  • We can verify if your choice of digital channels is the best for your business.
  • We can review your existing digital presence to suggest immediate areas of improvement.
  • You can ask us the questions that you need to answer to unplug bottlenecks in your digital marketing execution.
  • We can also guide you in budgeting for the right resources, technology and processes in your organization to support the business further.

You can avail of our digital marketing services by starting off with a short term consulting initiative to help us identify areas of improvement for your business.  Get in touch to get started!