The Surfer

You prefer digital marketing as it is more affordable than offline ads

You have recognized that today’s world is digital-first. The bonus is that digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional print marketing. If you are looking to launch a brand that is born digital, then we can help you navigate the course that brings it to the right audience.

Analyse has the experience of working with brands that did not have the momentum of years of costly print ads or hoardings to back the brand. It is tricky to deploy a brand into the digital space while skipping traditional marketing channels. While digital offers all the tools and channels to reach a bigger audience for cheaper, your brand has to be smart about how those tools are used.

The main difference between print/OOH with digital is that you don’t have to buy media space when using digital marketing. You only have to pay when a viewer engages with your brand. You can now balance the desire for visibility (reaching a large audience to activate them) with the cost of outcome (viewers who click the ad and engage with your brand).

You can use the power of analytics to track the spend of your (lower) advertisement budget, and optimize that even further. You can discover and narrow in on the audiences and demographics that make sense for you brand in terms of delivering positive outcomes.

Inbound marketing through search engine optimization and social media marketing can help drive visibility even without an advertising budget.

Between the lower cost of advertising, and the power of analytics to optimize your campaigns – Digital can be good, fast AND affordable.

  • Digital advertising offers great reach
  • Digital Ads can be run everyday, all the time, unlike print
  • Advertisement on digital channels can be changed on the go
  • No upfront or minimum costs for digital ads unlike traditional media
  • Demographic and interest targeting is possible on digital
  • Real time monitoring and analytics helps reduce cost on the fly
  • Instant result tracking means you can make budgetary changes quickly
  • Inbound marketing channels can provide results without advertising
  • The shelf life ROI of digital presence is very high as in case of search rankings