The Launcher

You want to launch your brand only on digital channels

A clean slate means that your brand can avoid the challenges in adapting the offline persona to the online world. You can jump right in and create a digitally savvy ecommerce brand without the legacy/baggage of how traditional media has shaped your business.

Today’s entrepreneurs are aware of the power and affordability of the digital marketing space in driving their business objectives. The demographics in most countries have tilted to an audience that resides in the digital ‘sweet spot’ – consumers who make their decisions through digital media and purchase through ecommerce websites.

Launching digital first brands means that you don’t have to need all the connections and access to the legacy network that drives traditional marketing. The refreshing transparency of digital channels means you can see, and track your ROI and impact in real time, and watch and learn from the competition at the same time. This is particularly true for ecommerce because the entire user experience is on the web, which can be recorded for review.

Even if you were to consider traditional channels at some point to round out your marketing mix, going digital-first means that you would have tested your ideas using much smaller budgets, and fixed on the right messaging to take to the market with expensive print or TV campaigns. If your ecommerce website has found the right messaging to woo customers, you can then translate that into a print campaign.

The nature of digital ad spends, means that you can try out hundreds of combinations of designs, messages and product/service propositions, before you can arrive at the combination that works best. Ad campaigns can be launched and tested with specific audiences and at particular timings, before deciding on the final course of action. In effect, you can prove your ideas on your digital channels, and then take them to the offline channels.

  • Going digital first is a cleaner and faster way for your brand to launch
  • The consumer demographics have tilted to a digitally savvy audience. So you won’t miss out much by using only digital channels
  • Digital marketing is much more transparent, fast and responsive when compared to traditional mediums
  • Try out your ideas on digital channels at a low cost, and then take those ideas to the expensive offline formats like print or TV
  • Use contextual advertising (with real time tracking) based on demographics, timing, and action which traditional channels do not provide

We provide both the technology support for your ecommerce brand, and the digital marketing support to drive business through your website. This means you just have to work with one partner who can seamlessly integrate all aspects of your online brand.