The Evangelist

You want to promote your offline events through digital marketing

Add that extra buzz to your events with the right use of digital marketing. Whether is is a launch event or an upcoming conference, digital marketing can increase the attendance, event experience and impact. A typical offline event can be a hectic affair in itself. You may think that your plate is full, but digital marketing can easily fit into the scheme of things and actually help you manage it better.

Analyse has managed digital marketing for the run-up to events and conferences that has helped in increasing the attendance and ticket sales. We help plan the lead up to the event in terms of online activities. The plan looks at how to communicate the value of the event and how to craft the content that helps in evangelizing people to join the cause. It is important to create content that addresses the concerns of people, educates them on the benefits of the cause or event, and encourages them to participate.

People can participate in promoting the event by sharing or contributing to the content on digital channels. Digital channels can help touch people multiple times through content, rather than one time print campaigns that can lose out if potential participants do not see the message at the right time. Providing features like online booking can help increase conversion from the awareness generated online. This means people can get a good picture of the event and commit themselves by paying or booking online.

As someone who wants to get the most out of an offline event, digital marketing activities should be a must have on your list of things. We can help you navigate the list of digital activities required to support your event, and to execute it in a timely manner. We can also map the online activities to suit your offline event time line.

Events are well known to have last minute changes. You need a team that can move quickly to make changes to the time line, participants and content. In addition, last minute changes are not easy to communicate to the participants who may have planned according to the last known activity list. Digital channels are a quick and cost effective way to keep everyone updated on the changes.

  • Pre and post event planning.
  • Careful crafting of content and communication to drive participation.
  • Improve conversion to submissions and ticket sales by introducing online booking.
  • Last minute changes can be communicated to participants through digital channels.
  • Capture database to create a pool for promotion and post event activities.
  • Map digital activities to the time line of the offline event.
  • Get a team that can move fast to support events on the ground.
  • Real time updates to help people remain up – to-date even if they can’t participate.

Whether it is a one off event or a yearly conference, we can handle the event promotions on mobile, web and social media for you. Get in touch early enough so that we can plan the event out in advance for the best results!