Health care

Healthy business and Healthy customers

If you are a hospital, clinic or individual doctor looking to reach more patients, then health-care digital marketing must be an important part of your growth strategy.

Hoardings, print ads, TV and Radio are already used extensively by hospitals and even some clinics, to be able to reach patients and convey information about their services and expertise. While TV ads are very expensive (and rare) for hospitals, print and radio have limited shelf-life and poor targeting.

Our experience in Health-care marketing

  • We have driven visibility for health-care oriented website – over a million visitors and counting.
  • Experience in managing large ‘platform’ size websites of 50 000 pages plus.
  • Multi city experience with Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.
  • Cross domain experience in multiple specialties covering more than 20 specialization categories.
  • Multi channel expertise in health-care marketing through social media, emailing, advertisements, creative and more.
  • Client size ranges from individual doctors to branches of hospital chains that have gone public.

Key areas where digital marketing can power your health-care brand.

Social media in health-care – referrals at the speed of the internet

As always, patients are influenced in their choice of clinic, hospital or individual doctor, by referrals from their friends, family and colleagues. But today the referrals are driven by social media at a far greater pace than face to face meetings could drive. A social media strategy for your hospital can help drive high quality engagement with patients who need your help.

Reputation management for your hospital

How you manage your reputation on a day to day basis is a key part of digital marketing strategy. Whether it is a genuine grievance, a misunderstanding, or an ill informed review, a bad comment on the internet about your hospital can stay there for ever. A bad review can catch the eye of a potential patient looking to use your services, even if they may not be looking for a review. This can happen because they are looking for information on your hospital or doctors and stumble upon the bad review on the web.

Use of digital technology in your health-care process

From booking appointments, to online payments, patients expect features that help them save time and make decisions quickly. For your hospital it means less crowding and reduced no-shows. Video consultation can help connect with patients who need help but do not have time to travel, and it can also help drive a first interaction that will lead to a visit. Advance file sharing by patients can help the hospital or clinic prepare for the visit by evaluating the information beforehand.

Getting feedback – resolving the bad and amplifying the good

Today’s patients have several means to get an idea of your hospital/clinic’s services. Before they go trying to find information, you can do your brand a favor by offering the patient testimonials from your happy customers. There are a few steps in getting the testimonials and using them on digital channels like the internet and social media. We can take care of capturing and powering feedback, through a combination of email marketing, chat services, social forms and more.

Research on the patient’s needs

Using social media and search tools, we can find what your patients are looking for on digital channels. This can be used to drive a solid engagement strategy for your hospital. There are wide variations in patient journeys, depending on their demographics, illness type and stage of decision making and the outcome of what they are looking for. We can help you find and use information to your advantage.

Powering your offline events with digital marketing

Hospitals and clinics do a lot of events (camps, meetings, CME’s) to drive patient education, health awareness and to reach out to patients. These activities can become exponentially more powerful if you can power participation and database building through digital marketing, both leading to the event and during the event.

Digital marketing fits your budget

With the affordable budgets required for digital marketing, you no longer have to fall behind while competing with larger hospitals or clinics with a higher spend (on newspapers and hoardings). The new medium of digital marketing can level the field for you to drive more engagement with a smaller budget.

Digital marketing through channels like search, social and email marketing will drive growth through increased patient footfalls, better perception of your treatments and credible brand building through strategic content creation.

Your patient’s, and your balance sheet can look healthier with the right digital strategy.

Medical tourism is a digital opportunity

Medical tourism is a big opportunity for Indian hospitals due to the favorable economics. At the same time, the NRI or foreigner who comes to India finds great value in terms of treatment, because the costs are much less compared to their country of origin, without any decrease in quality of service. In some cases like Africa (Nigeria, Botswana, Zambia), the facilities are not available in the persons country, and medical tourism is a big draw in these regions.

In other cases as in the Middle East/Gulf region (Dubai, Muscat, Doha, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc) there are a large diaspora of Indians who would prefer to get treatment in India with their family around them to support them during the illness. Some gulf regions like Oman have a large community of arabs who have close friendship with Indians, and are more comfortable with Indian doctors and nurses. Medical tourism from the US/UK and other developed countries can be driven due to long waiting time for surgeries, or due to the cost involved when the insurance does not cover the illness.

Cosmetic surgeries and similar procedures are also a big draw, as many medical tourists do not have insurance to cover non essential treatment in their home countries. In some cases the “medical tourist” is primarily a tourist who is looking to relax and travel during their recuperation time. Many patients who come to India for medical tourism are concerned about cleanliness, safety and privacy of their condition/illness.

Digital channels can showcase the efforts or processes in place to put the patient at comfort, even before they visit your hospital. Digital marketing is the only way that a hospital can reach a global audience, as advertising in other media in all these countries is simply not affordable or feasible.

Brand management for Global patients

Even when someone recommends a hospital or clinic, the patient will have a tendency to check out the hospital, doctor and the facilities available by visiting the website or social media page. A credible presence with the right information can make the difference between a patient making the decision to adopt a course of treatment. From the use of stock photography to the use of video testimonials, the right approach can make a difference to the bottom line. It is important to align the marketing content to the need of the patient.

An award in heartcare means nothing for a patient looking for treatment for a kidney related illness. A patient might want to have weight loss surgery for aesthetic reasons, while another wants to curb diabetes or return to work. The motivations of the patients and the treatments they are looking for, should be aligned to the marketing message that they see when interacting with the brand through an ad or social media.

Digital marketing allows the healthcare provider to say the right things to each person based on their need.