Jewellery and accessories are traditionally bought directly from the brand by the customer. The sale is based on trust, as much as it is about the design. The need for trust is because the customer looks at Jewellery as an investment. Accessories like watches are part of the customer’s persona, and the quality and brand are important for social status. Moving this trust to an online format through digital marketing, is not easy, but it can be done.

Provide more choice through an online e commerce Jewellery store

Customers cannot simply go through all your designs in one visit to your store. Having an online e commerce website means they can visit the site when they have time and review more options than they would have done with a direct visit. This increases their chance of finding a design of their choice.

Keep customers informed on the latest designs and promotional offers

Customers won’t be able to visit your store or Jewellery showroom everyday. They can however visit your online e commerce site everyday. This means you can always keep them updated on the latest designs. Your website should be able to push the latest updates to the front home page, so that customers visiting the website will learn that they can regularly see what’s new & trending.

Customize your campaigns for different demographics

Design preferences vary widely between demographic categories. So how can you appeal to all the audiences so that it fits their needs? Through digital marketing you can show different campaigns and designs to audiences based on their demographic profile. A married person looking for a gift for her mother would have different considerations than a young man looking to buy an engagement ring to surprise his girlfriend. Purchasing power varies based on age, education and job profile. Certain professions do not allow wearing heavy Jewellery. Some occasions call for heavy Jewellery to suit the format. Digital marketing can help you position your diamond and gold Jewellery appropriately for the best response.

Customize your campaigns for geographical design preferences

Designs preferred in different regions vary (as your Jewellery designer would agree). From western wear to design styles indigenous to Kerala, Iran, Bengal etc can vary in terms of the usage of gold, diamonds, the making charges or the intricacies of the design. Digital marketing will allow you to reach the right designs to the right geographical regions.

Test your Jewellery designs to find the popular ones

With digital marketing, you can test your Jewellery designs to see which gets the best response in terms of customer behavior. This means you don’t have to rely only on the purchase data, but also positive actions like designs that customers add to their cart or wish list. The customer actions can translate into valuable insights into which designs are working and which are not.

Allow customers to use powerful tools for design search

Digital features can allow your customers to search based on fine grained parameters like the amount of gold or the design type. The customers can quickly zero in on the type of design that they like by playing around with the easy to use search features. They can then earmark designs that they like and ‘collect’ designs before they make their decisions. The search can be based on cost, design type, seasons, themes, size preferences, number of diamonds, amount and color of gold, brand names and many more parameters.

Allow customers to design their own Jewellery

Digital features can allow customers to design their own Jewellery by combining their choice of metal type, diamond cut, setting, purity and clarity levels. Customers can feel the thrill of designing their own Jewellery based on the parameters that your brand has decided. This has the chance of increasing conversion because customers feel attached to a piece of Jewellery that they have designed.

Save costs by aggregating designs without holding inventory

With digital technology, you can display thousands of designs without having to stock them as inventory in your store. When an order is placed, the design can be converted from a concept to a unit for sale and shipped to the customer. You only make products that are already sold.

Drive higher customer lifetime value through digital marketing

With the high price of gold and diamond jewellery, the purchases by a large segment of the customer base maybe infrequent, or centered around weddings and marriages. In the US/UK a lot of the diamond jewellery is driven by the purchase of engagement rings – and typically this kind of customer may not buy again. With a higher cost of acquisition, it is important to use digital marketing to drive more orders by the customer, particularly through online ecommerce jewellery websites.

This could be done through an effective mix of social, email and ad marketing. It is important to keep the customers interested and active in browsing the collections in the showroom. The mobile interface is important in ensuring that customers are always able to browse through the collection available for purchase. In addition the customers have to be segmented with the right parameters, including price, size of purchase, demographics, gender and context.

The dynamics of the products (Price, positioning, creatives) also change depending on whether it is a necklace, ring, bangle, nose stud, or other products like gold coins. With easy payment options like Cash on Delivery (CoD) and the penetration of credit and debit cards going up, online jewellery shopping is the way to go.