What is transformation?

What is transformation?

What is digital transformation?

When Analyse Digital calls itself a ‘Digital transformation agency’, there is a very real possibility that it sounds like an empty buzzword. So here is a short introduction to what we think it means.

The fundamentals of business in a financial sense (profits, loss, margins etc) and a psychological sense (the concept, the need, the purpose) has stayed pretty much the same. However, the medium of reaching the consumer continues to change, and at shorter and shorter intervals.

As a result, companies have to transform the way that they operate in order to stay alive in the long run. The biggest change is in the marketing and sales process, in terms of reaching and converting the consumers.

The best example of transformation would be the way the music industry has changed since the turn of the century. People used to buy music in cassettes, followed by CD’s, then carry flash drives (ipods etc) and are now streaming over the internet. This has changed the way music is presented, marketed, consumed and caused a disruption of the financial fundamentals of existing players.

But the music remains the same.

We see the way consumers ‘consume’ the product (and the communication around the product), change drastically over the next decade and more. Our aim is to work with our clients to help them transform, stay relevant, and even tap into new opportunities that this change brings about.

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